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Beautiful LDS Temple Dresses

Kyna Style Sassy Suit LDS Temple Dress from The PWD

We sell beautiful, yet affordable LDS temple dresses for every occasion. Our unique designs are elegant, well cut, and attractive. We believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful in the House of the Lord.

We also offer other temple clothing. In addition to our white temple dresses, we sell envelopes, clutches, and separates, including suits, skirts, and blouses. All of our temple clothing comes in a variety of fabrics and styles to fit every woman’s preferences.

All of our designs are not only flattering, but also comfortable and easy to wear. Each outfit features a side pocket for added functionality. We carefully choose our fabric selection for durability and easy maintenance.

These dresses are designed to be worn for the important religious ceremonies that take place in LDS (Mormon) temples. Our dresses make a wonderful gift for anyone who is attending the temple for the first time, whether for a mission, marriage, or sealing.

Let us help you find your perfect white dress. Check out our temple dress selection to view our current styles.

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