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Temple Blog Roundup: 5 Posts To Uplift & Inspire You

Here at The Perfect White Dress, we love learning more about the temple and how it benefits our lives.
This month, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best and most interesting blog posts relating to the temple and its blessings.
We hope you’ll enjoy this list and be inspired from the content within each post!


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Temples Show God’s Love For All His Children
by Nanette O’Neal

Nanette’s post discusses how she views temples as “proof that God has not forgotten His children”.
She recounts her conversion story and goes on to talk about the sacred importance of temples in the latter-days.

“Indeed, the Latter-day Saint temples provide a way for all of God’s children to receive the saving ordinances needed to enter the kingdom of heaven. My testimony of God’s love for His children is vastly strengthened because of modern-day temples. It is proof to me that God has not forgotten His children—none of them.”



Self Reliance: How I Prepared For The Temple

MormonChannel.org put together a great little post featuring young adult members who were preparing to enter the temple.
They discuss their experiences and share what helped them best prepare for the experience.

“In the year before I received my endowment, I made space in my schedule to regularly participate in baptisms for the dead at the Salt Lake Temple. Being in the house of the Lord so often made me familiar with the way things run there.”


Redeemer of Israel

Interior Architectural Details of the Provo City Center Temple

I think we can all attest to the beauty and special spirit of the new Provo City Center temple!
This blog post is like a mini tour of the Provo City Center temple but it also goes into some more depth about the individual architectural details.
For instance, windows in the temple were used to replicate the traditional lighting techniques from the 1890’s when the original tabernacle was being built!

“The columbine flower, native to the forests around Utah County, can be found throughout the temple, from the woodwork in the walls, to the hand crafted chairs. In ancient Christian tradition, the columbine represented the Holy Spirit, as it was thought by some to look like a dove.”


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Insights from a Temple Worker (+What It’s Like to Work Behind the Scenes)
by Janalee Rosner

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in the temple? How are temple workers trained?
This blog post by a temple worker shares some insights on what it’s like to work behind the scenes and make sure that things run smoothly.
It’s a great post and a very interesting read for those of you who are curious!

“I have had many other touching experiences, from watching a 50-year-old woman cry tears of joy after finally being sealed to her deceased parents, to observing a newly married couple pause together to reverently remember the significance of the temple on their wedding day before going outside to greet their excited families.”



12 Things I Learned About Family History and Temple Work from LDS General Conference
by Nicole Dyer

Nicole has written an amazing post on some insights she had during General Conference and how the temple and family history go hand in hand.
We dare you to read this one and not feel inspired to collect some family names and go to the temple!

“As we select which memories we actively remember and share, we create a living book of remembrance that has potential to help our posterity.”

Do you have a favorite temple blog post you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!


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