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I did a google search to see the temples around the world. I am amazed at how beautiful and unique each of these buildings are. When I just look at them I feel a sacredness. As a teen I had the chance to work at the open house of the San Diego temple, it was a marvelous experience. Try to come  to the city center open house in Provo. Those of us who live here are so excited to have this new temple. It is a grand experience to go through the temple before it is dedicated and then to come back after it is dedicated. There is an amazing Spirit about every temple No matter where it is, how grand or small…they each are the House of The Lord. If you cant go inside yet come walk on the grounds. I love to take my children when we travel to visit the temple grounds of each temple we pass by. One of my favorite things is to spend the day in the temple with my husband. Seeing him dressed in white and me being in a beautiful LDS temple dress just makes my day. I loves those days.


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