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Fall in love with our new dress for Autumn!


We just got this new dress in and… It. Is. Amazing!!! Your closet won’t be complete without it!

This T-Shirt dress is not only modest and stylish, but extremely comfortable. It isn’t skimpy or short like a lot of dresses this style. It comes in sizes from S-L so it can fit any beautiful woman!  The dress comes not only in purple (as featured in the pics below), but also in coral pink and bright turquoise blue as well! The double pocket feature is another sweet perk about this fabulous dress, and they’re deep enough to fit your giant smart phone in (:

It’s a really versatile asset to have to your wardrobe- you can wear it with a button down around the waist for a casual look or class it up with some jewellry and wear it on a date or to church! Other options to wear it would be some scarves and boots for colder fall weather and it fits close enough to the body that you could easily throw a sweater over it and have a whole new look! Try adding a cut off denim vest, or even a cute cardigan if that’s more your taste! Whatever your style, this dress will work and add to your closet!

Check out prices and availability here http://thepwd.wpengine.com/product/kara-dress-modest-lds/ so you can add this wonderful dress to your wardrobe!
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