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Grateful….even when things aren’t going as we planned

I had the chance to go to Time out for Women (you should all try to go). It was a wonderful opportunity to hear from men and women from all over about their personal life experiences and how they are dealing with them. Some of the experiences were good and some not so good. One of my favorite messages was about how we can find happiness in whatever life has brought to us. It is really easy to be happy when everything is going the way we want or the way we have planned. But what about when our dreams don’t happen or what about when illness comes or what about when someone else around us uses their free agency and it affects us it not such good ways. This message was a great reminder to me to find joy and happiness it things that are simple and around me and to try to see God’s plan in my life.  Life was not meant to go “PERFECTLY” but I do know that when things are not going how we planned and we look for good we find happiness and contentment. I read a quote the other day that said, “I can’t think of one terrible situation that was made better by complaining” I am going to take this quote to heart and try to be a little better at being positive and LOOKING for the good in every situation. Happy Thanksgiving.


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