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LDS temple dresses

Andie Style Maxi LDS Temple Dress from The Perfect White Dress

View our selection of beautiful LDS temple dresses

If you want a new LDS temple dress then The PWD (Perfect White Dress) is the right place for you. We currently have 8 different beautiful, stylish, and comfortable LDS temple dresses to choose from. Each of our temple dresses has their own unique style. Our wide variety of temple dresses are certain to offer you with at least a few that you’ll love and that will fit you wonderfully. If you can’t settle on one dress then we won’t be mad at you for buying a second dress. If you’d like to buy two at a time then don’t be afraid to call and see if we have any specials going for a multi-temple dress purchase.

If you are looking for a fitted dress or a more relaxed fitted temple dress then we have both styles to offer your. Our more fitted temple dresses include the Lark Sassy suit LDS temple dress and the Jane Cowgirl LDS temple dress. If you’re looking for a more relaxed fit then be sure to look at our Jessica Everyday dress and our McCall Ruffled LDS shirt and temple skirt combo. The Jessica dress is a favorite for women who are pregnant and who’d like that extra belly space during pregnancy

Whatever your style is we have a great selection of LDS temple dresses and we are confident that you will find one that you love. Almost all of our dresses come with a side pocket for safe keeping of a small item. If you need more space then consider our Lucy clutch temple envelope It is light, easy to carry, and comes with a zipper so that none of your valuables fall out.



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