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Which PWD Dress Suits Your Personality Best?

At The Perfect White Dress, we understand that every woman is as unique and beau.... Read more

6 Simple Tips to Help You Find Time to Attend the Temple

blog cover - time to attend the temple
Do you ever find yourself thinking “I really need to go to the temple but I ju.... Read more

McKyna Rash: Called To Serve!

McKyna Rash Perfect White Dress
We had the opportunity to interview McKyna Rash, a recently returned missionary .... Read more

Temple Blog Roundup: 5 Posts To Uplift & Inspire You

The Perfect White Dress Featured Image for Temples
Here at The Perfect White Dress, we love learning more about the temple and how .... Read more

Our Top 5 Favorite Conference Talks Of All Time

LDS General Conference Center Full Occupancy
We hope that you enjoyed General Conference last month and felt the Spirit stron.... Read more

The Ultimate Temple Trivia Challenge!

Ultimate Temple Trivia Challenge by Perfect White Dress
Do you know which temple has the tallest steeple? How about the temple that has .... Read more

How Many Temples Have You Attended?

Ghana Africa LDS Temple
It comes as no surprise that there are 150 operating temples with at least 27 mo.... Read more

Temples To Dot The Earth

LDS Temples Throughout the World
In 1899, President Lorenzo Snow was the prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of.... Read more

Which PWD Temple Dress Is Your Favorite?

White Temple Dresses from The PWD
The temple is a beautiful and sacred place that allows us to escape many of lif.... Read more

Going To The Temple For The First Time

Calgary Alberta Temple at Twilight
Congratulations! You’ve got your temple recommend in hand and are preparing to.... Read more

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