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Perfect White Dress Interview

We were featured on Rebateszone. Check out the interview:

Beautiful are the ways of people who follow a higher calling. A business, a successful family life, and bringing about a positive change for all your community members; is there anything more that a person could wish for! This is the story behind The Perfect White Dress, which is an online boutique selling modest LDS Temple dresses. Kimberly Rash started the business due to her interest in designing. This is underlined with the sentiment that “Every woman should feel beautiful while sitting in the Lord’s house…… but it shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to do so!”

So, join us, as we interview Kimberly Rash from ThePerfectWhiteDress.com about her entrepreneurial journey to starting a business which would provide her community members with the best designed Temple Dresses.

When did you formally launch the business?

The business was launched back in January of 2014.

What was the inspiration behind it?

I love designing and there weren’t very many stylish temple dresses. I saw an opportunity where there was a need and where my passion lined up and I went for it.

You can find the full interview here: http://www.rebateszone.com/interview-with-kimberly-rash

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