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Sealed Eternally In The Temple

LDS Temple Sealing Room Lit Up

President Russel M. Nelson says, “Inscribed on each temple are the words ‘holiness to the Lord.’ That statement designates both the temple and it’s purposes as holy. Those who enter the temple are also to bear the attribute of holiness. As temples are prepared for the people, the people need to prepare themselves for the temple” The sealing ordinance performed in temples is a sacred privilege that promises immense blessings to those who participate. Couples who live worthily are able to be sealed, not only for time, but for eternity if they remain true to their covenants made in the temple. The sealing covenant between the couple and God also “allows children to be sealed to their parents and children born in the covenant to become part of an eternal family,” says Elder Robert D. Hales.

There is NO greater blessing to families than to know that death cannot separate you. As seen in this photo of the Kansas, Missouri temple, the mirrors on opposite walls are angled to create the visual impression of endless images. After you are sealed to your eternal companion, you are brought to one side of the room to look into the opposite mirror. The image of the two of you in a single point of time and looking ahead brings a greater understanding of being together forever and how important your choices are! I, the writer of this post, was recently sealed to my husband for eternity. It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had. The love I felt from Heavenly Father and the spirits of my future children filled me up completely with an overwhelming, but sweet joy. I know this covenant is of God and oh-so worth it for every family to strive to achieve!

God Bless,

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