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Temple Miracles

Houston Temple with flowers in front

Many of us have heard miracles that occur with temples. The Lord helps everything to work out so incredibly perfectly, from where the temples are built, how they are build and the timing in which they are built. I am excited to share one of these incredible stories with you today! I find that these stories strengthen my faith in God and deepen my appreciation for temples.

The first story is of a church member who lived in Houston, Texas and owned a small landscaping nursery. One night, a few months before the temple had been announced for construction, Richard Gieseke dreamed of the gardens of an unknown temple. “The dream was so vivid,” he recorded, “that I immediately awoke and wrote a litter to the First Presidency of the Church and filed it for later use. The unusual dream was of a beautiful temple with lovely gardens in special arrangements. From the dream I knew the Lord wanted me to begin growing plants at my nursery for the temple.” Richard made every effort to ensure that his temple stock were of “uncommon excellence.” Later, when the temple was announced, he sent his filed-away letter to the First Presidency. Six months before his dream, Brother Gieseke had unexpectedly acquired 100 four-year-old oak trees. For a reason he cannot explain, he planted the trees in containers larger than usual. After the dream, he designated the finest of the oaks and the best of his other plant material exclusively for future temple grounds. As time passed, his specially designated temple plants grew in size, quality, and value. On many occasions he had opportunities to sell the trees to fill orders that were otherwise unfillable, but he remained firm in his decisions that these plants were for the temple. Three years after his dream, the plant stock Brother Gieseke nurtured for the Lord’s house finally had a permanent home on the grounds of the Houston Texas Temple. The majestic trees now stand at the front of the temple’s entryway, and his flowers provide the perfect contrasting color against the exterior.

I know that miracles happen often with temples around the world, whether they are not yet announced, in the process of being built, or have been standing for many years. Take a moment to plan your time to the temple so you can experience the miracles God has in store for you!

God Bless,

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