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Temples and Blessings

How lucky are we to have 148 operating temples, 14 under construction, and 11 that have been announced all over the world? And how lucky are we to have sped up temple production after Gordon B. Hinckley’s ministry as a prophet for 13 years? 

The temple and all that it stands for are the most important things in this world. Nothing should stop us from going to the temple, and if something is, there is a way for EVERYONE to be able to go! (Don’t believe me? Go read The Importance of Being Clean, the churches pamphlet on the temple, and President Spencer W. Kimball’s talk What is True Repentance

The spirit you feel in the temple, and the beauty that it gives your life, are something to continually strive to have. In Utah, we are lucky to have 14 temples that we can go to, but not everyone is so lucky. We should cherish our ability to be so close to the House of the Lord and make it our goal to have current temple recommends and uphold our promises to be able to go there. 

If you want to learn more about temples production and it’s increase in the last 20 years, read  “Gordon B. Hinckley – The Temple Builder.” by Bryce Hammond

Much love, 

McKayla with www.theperfectwhitedress.com

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