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Temples and Work for the Dead

An amazing aspect of temple work is that we are doing work for our brothers and sisters who have passed that did not have the opportunity to experience saving ordinances in their time on earth. We can have that work done for them by sacrificing time to visit the House of the Lord and experience a break in the chaos that is regular day-to-day life and enjoy the spirit and peace of the temple. Being dressed in a white, modest temple dress is a wonderful feeling.

Elder John A. Widtsoe  taught us about our mission on earth to help save the sons and daughters of God. “In our preexistent state, in the day of the great council, we made a certain agreement with the Almighty. The Lord proposed a plan conceived by him. We accepted it. Since the plan is intended for all men, we become parties to the salvation of every person under that plan. We agreed, right then and there, to be not only saviors for ourselves, but… saviors for the whole human family. We went into partnership with the Lord. The woking out of the plan became then not merely the Father’s work, and the Savior’s work, but also our work. The least of us, the humblest, is in partnership with the Almighty in achieving the purpose of the eternal plan of salvation.”

The greatest blessings in your life, your loved one’s lives, and those beyond the veil is for you to be able to go to the temple and do the Lord’s work. I pray that we will all be able to keep ourselves clean and worthy to enter the Lord’s house and do his work. Because it is truly amazing thaat we have the opportunity to do that in these latter days.

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