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Perfect Halloween-Themed Family Night!

LDS Temple Carved Into A Pumpkin

Halloween Family Night Idea

We have found the cutest LDS Halloween themed pumpkin carving ideas for your next family night!

This Monday Night, start by choosing an outline – there are SEVEN cute LDS pumpkin carving patterns found HERE on the LDS living website. Once you have found your stencil, cut around it in a circle to make it easier to apply, then use packing tape to secure the stencil to your pumpkin. Carefully trace around the stencil outlines with a poker making a dotted line or use an exacto knife. Remove the Stencil, then for a nice trick pat flour over the surface of the pumpkin in order to see the outline better! Now you are ready to carve away! Carving Tip: Always work your way inside out, carving the middle parts first and the outside parts last. These LDS Pumpkin stencils are a great way to make your next family night or Young Women’s group activity fun and gospel-centered! Don’t forget to check out our website and new dresses at ThePerfectWhiteDress.com happy carving!

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